Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an event last?

Our most common format at retail centers is on a Saturday or Sunday in late morning or early afternoon. Most events are scheduled for 2-4 hours, although our experience is that 2 hours is ideal. We make the best bubbles when the temperature is cooler, and it’s a bit humid outside, although we can bubble anywhere in temperate weather. We can also do evening events with blacklights and glow in the dark bubbles which are very popular in October.


Will this work at my property?

We understand the retail environment very well and have been successfully producing events at shopping and lifestyle centers since 2003. We understand today’s changing landscape. We also understand all the constituencies at most properties--ownership, management, marketing, leasing, security, operations and valued tenants--and know how to please them all. BubbleManiacs® events have been a popping success every single time and 100% of our customers are happy to act as references and the success of their BubbleManiacs® events. We can accommodate both indoor and outdoor centers nationwide.

Interactive Bubble events nationwide

BubbleManiacs™ produces one-of-a-kind Interactive Bubble Events™ across the country. Children of all ages have long been fascinated by bubbles, and the BubbleManiacs™ team are the experts at creating vibrant special events for shopping centers, fairs, festivals, company picnics, churches, charities, concerts and sports venues.

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