What is an “Interactive Bubble Event”?

“Interactive Bubble Event” is the term we’ve invented to describe our one-of-a-kind events produced for lifestyle and shopping centers and special events across the country. Across generations, cultures, and demographics, there is a universal appeal to bubbles. We’ve taken this appeal to a whole new level.


Our philosophy is to combine entertainment, education and hands-on interaction with high production value and many layers of guest involvement.

Bubbles Everywhere!

For starters we create bubbles...millions and millions of them. We strategically place professional bubble making equipment throughout the space, and these millions of bubbles create just the right atmosphere. It’s a wonderland of bubbles like something out of a fairy tale. We guarantee you’ve never seen this many bubbles in one place before.


Fun Stations

Fun Stations

Next, the “Fun Stations” where at each station guests have the opportunity to explore a different scientific or mathematical concept involving bubbles, create a take-home souvenir, or participate in a demonstration.


In outdoor installations, these are typically a branded tent with signage staged by 1-3 BubbleManiacs® who lead children through the activity and help reinforce the lesson. Most events feature 8-12 stations with scalability depending on your space and expected attendance. We have invested huge effort in the details of each station, making them not just educational but very attractive and designed for the client throughput of large crowds.



Bubble Shop

The ultimate place to take home a bubble-related souvenir. We offer the largest variety of bubble toys, tools and educational items anywhere.

Roving Bubblers

We continue adding entertainment and interaction with roving bubblers who circulate in the crowd making giant bubbles (some as long as a bus!) up close. This is a crowd pleaser!

Big Bubbles Behind-the-Scene Shows

Because our roving Big Bubble performers generate so much interest, we present an ongoing interactive show in a fixed location featuring Big Bubbles. Here, guests are taught how we make our special bubble  fluid from household ingredients, then are invited to sample a variety of tools so they, too, can make their own giant bubbles. With a bit of practice, even preschoolers can create huge bubbles. Our performers talk about the science behind bubbles, respond to guest questions, and reinforce lessons from the Fun Stations.

Music, Emcee and Stage Contests

At most locations, we partner with a local DJ/Radio Station/Musician who provides music and handles emcee duties. We provide them with all the necessary items and scripts to present periodic bubble-themed contests involving the audience such as a bubble blowing contest, bubble wrap popping contest, bubble bouncing contest and more. This is a great opportunity for prize sponsorship.

Tenant Activations

We know the retail market inside and our because our main clients are shopping centers. Tenant activations are often interspersed throughout the event space, and have been highly successful for participants.

Unique events are in our DNA

BubbleManiacs® was founded by Christopher Weed, a Phoenix Arizona entrepreneur and children’s entertainer. Christopher has a lifetime of experience in understanding young people and creating unique entertainment experiences.  Chris regularly authors articles and presents lectures to magicians, clowns, ventriloquists and bubble performers around the world on how to transform their passions into marketable ideas. His unmatched energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail are key factors in all his businesses.


In 2003, Christopher co-founded a large special effects company specializing simulated holiday snowfalls for shopping centers around the globe.


In 2009, capitalizing on his love of  fire trucks, he founded Fantastic Fire Department® which now has locations in Arizona and Florida, and locations opening soon in other sunbelt markets. This unique children’s entertainment concept uses a fleet of specially modified real fire trucks to present themed programs at schools, birthday parties and special events. This business presents over 1000 events annually and will soon be featured on a major TV network.


BubbleManiacs® was born in 2015. Several of the malls where Christopher presents holiday snow programs asked, “what else can you do for us?” It’s always a good sign when clients are so happy they are asking for more. Inaugural Bubblemaniacs® events were presented in 2015 as proof of concept, and then fully rolled out in 2016 where the company presented events at shopping centers and festivals averaging attendance between 1000-6000 guests over a period of several hours.

Interactive Bubble events nationwide

BubbleManiacs™ produces one-of-a-kind Interactive Bubble Events™ across the country. Children of all ages have long been fascinated by bubbles, and the BubbleManiacs™ team are the experts at creating vibrant special events for shopping centers, fairs, festivals, company picnics, churches, charities, concerts and sports venues.

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